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LITT Afrika is the modern day encyclopedia for Afrika. We are the first decentralized knowledge base for everything Afrika. We set out to empower and engage citizens of Afrika and its diaspora to collect, develop and contribute content and perspectives relating to the theme of Afrika under a free license and engage in global knowledge systems by encouraging access to, awareness of, and support for open knowledge.  Created for Afrika and the rest of the world. Search for any knowledge about Afrika, If it is not there, you can add it using our content add/edit tools. Contributors get reward token for every content successfully verified and approved by LITT Afrika content creation community.



LITT Afrika’s mission is to rebalance the type and diversity of information and perspectives that are available online about and from Afrika, using the creative common share alike license for the dissemination of this information to all Afrikans residing on and off the continent. To help Afrikans and organizations create and preserve open knowledge, and to help provide easy access for readers to knowledge and perspectives relating to Afrika.

Education Company

Our goal is to reeducate the continent of Afrika, by providing Afrikans with access to all the knowledge possible about everything pertaining to Afrika.

Afrikan Symbols

At LITT Afrika, we celebrate everything Afrika, including symbols and writing systems indigenous to the African continent. We showcase an array of Afrikas’ symbols and their meanings. We use these symbols to accurately depict the ingenuity of the Afrikan people in how they communicate with nature and in their communities.


Participation in knowledge add/edit activities is open to anyone. A collective of Afrikan writers and editors who seek to continue to update our decentralized knowledge repository of all things Afrika, for Afrikans and the rest of the world. Decision-making metrics is limited to Network Members.

Activity Reward System

Our IQ tokens rewards contributors for curating (discovering, add/edit) popular content. Curating involves voting comments and post submissions. Vote strength and curation rewards are influenced by the amount of IQ Power held by the voter.

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